Picture Quiz Answers

Thank you so much to everyone who bought one of our picture quizzes either online, at the Hayfield Show or in one of the fine establishments around the village. We sold somewhere in the region of 400 which is incredible. We had a lot of kind comments from people saying they’d enjoyed it and lots of people saying it was too hard… however only 27 people were ‘brave’ enough to return them. Curiously nearly everyone got all the alcohol related pictures… make of that what you will!

We do have a winner who did incredibly well but first here are the answers… eyes down for a full house!

1. Taj Mahal

2. Old Apple logo

3. Tom & Jerry

4. Darth Vader

5. Jeremy Clarkson

6. Hellboy

7. Mr Tickle

8. Iron Man

9. Trevi Fountain, Rome

10. Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival

11. Stella Artois

12. C-3PO

13. Madonna

14. Now a controversial one… not the River Thames, not Eastenders but the London Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony… sorry 😉

15. Micky Mouse

16. Marathon Bar (now known as Snickers of course)

17. Facebook

18. Psy – Gangnam Style

19. Robocop

20. Playstation logo

21. Starship Enterprise (TV version)

22. Peter Capaldi

23. The Incredibles

24. Sputnik

25. Jaws

26. Po from Teletubbies

27. The Hulk

28. Florence from The Magic Roundabout

29. KFC (Colonel Sanders)

30. Robbie The Robot

31. ArcelorMittal Orbit (Olympic Park)

32. Mars Bar (now known as Mars Bar of course)

33. Sydney Opera House

34. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time

35. Bag End (anyone who mentioned Hobbit or any of the occupants was marked correct!)

36. Adele

37. The Early Learning Centre

38. Mount Rushmore (Thomas Jefferson to be precise)

39. Help For Heroes logo

40. Mo Farrah

41. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

42. Battersea Power Station (but I liked the ones who said it was Swizzles chimney)

43. Hartley Hare from Pipkins

44. Arwen from Lord of the Rings (Liv Tyler)

45. Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

46. Pringles

47. Gumball (I don’t know either!)

48. Center Parcs

49. Park Guell, Barcelona


51. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

52. One World Trade Centre

53. Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

54. Disc from the Voyager space probe

55. Dougal from The Magic Roundabout

56. Hollister

57. Dalek (some nerds added that it was the Dalek Supreme)

58. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

59. Thunderbird 2

60. TIE Fighter from Star Wars

61. Dan Dare

62. Bleep and Booster (used to appear in stories told on Blue Peter in the 60s & 70s)

63. Dr Zoidberg from Futurama

64. Church of St. Mary’s and All Saints, Chesterfield (the one with the crooked spire)

65. FIFA

66. Andy Murray

67. Cathedral of the Peak, Tideswell

68. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

69. Humpty from Play School

70. Captain Scarlett

71. Versace logo

72. Colonel Mustard from Cluedo (seemed to fox nearly everyone this one)

73. Evian logo

74. Cyberman (from the first time they appeared on Doctor Who)

75. The Trafford Centre

76. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

77. King Kong

78. Boba Fett

79. Pingu

80. Gromit

81. Harley Davidson logo

82. Empire State Building

83. Go To Jail (Monopoly)

84. Hogwarts coat of arms

85. Jeremy Paxman

86. Usain Bolt

87. Scarlett Johansson

88. Angry Birds

89. Wenlock (Olympic Mascot)

90. Adidas logo

91. Motorola logo

92. Jessica Ennis (NOT Davina McCall as all but 2 people put)

93. Bacardi logo

94. Marilyn Monroe

95. John Simm (in The Village)

96. Astronomical Clock, Prague

97. Radio City Tower, Liverpool

98. The Stig

99. JayZ (I only just noticed this was ’99’!)

100. Domo-kun

So there you go. Thanks again for taking part and your support. Hope all the head scratching and in some cases head banging was worth it.

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