Charity Print Raffle – Results


OK so Thursday at midnight saw the end of the Charity Print Raffle that we have been holding over the last few weeks through our localgiving page. The raffle raised an amazing £1950 at £5 a ticket, but with localgiving’s “Grow Your Tenner” campaign the money raised is considerably more. So thank you to everyone who took part – your donations will help greatly our projects with Peak School and Park Lane School – more of which we will hopefully be telling you about over the next few days. I also have to say thank you again to the artists, galleries and collectors from all over the world who have generously donated their prints to be included in the raffle… without your help this would not have been possible.

So it’s time to start announcing the winners. All entries were on individual pieces of paper and placed in an empty goldfish bowl and drawn in order. Holly’s brother, Luke, drew the first one out. So in reverse order here are the winners…

45. Thomas Evans 44. Alex Beacroft 43. Dylan Blair 42. Peter Melford 41. Joshua Pineiro

40. David Fisher 39. Andrew Peirce 38. Alan Campbell 37. Brian Kerutis 36. Joel (affectionately known as Rupert Pupkin)

35. Clayton Hopper 34. Christopher Tang 33. Thomas Evans 32. Robin Gardner 31. Tom Ellis

30. Alex Beacroft 29. Ashley Weidman 28. Joshua Pineiro 27. Ben Murphy 26. Cat Barton

25. Matt Seguin 24. Dan Massett 23. Thomas Evans 22. Jesse Magee 21. Brian Schmidt

20. Jeremy Wockenfuss 19. Rupert McCoy 18. Thomas Evans 17. Jaryd Marsh 16. Laurent Durieux

15. Curtis Dowhaniuk 14. Rupert McCoy 13. Sam O’Donovan-Jones 12. Ben Jillard 11. Stephen Reed

10. Chris Rose 9. David Ford 8. Ben Jillard 7. Mark Ungerer 6. Adrian Crookes

5. Johan Barrander

4. Paul Champion (never heard of him)

3. Derek Drever

2. Ben Jillard (again!)

and the person to get the first pick of the prize pot is…


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