Castleton cave concert cancelled

OxjamPoster_08Sadly I just received the message below. It’s a shame as we were looking forward to seeing the bands after their short sets at Hope Valley last week.
“After very careful consideration over the last week we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Oxjam / Holly’s Footprint gig in the CastletonCaves scheduled for Friday 25th October. This is due to unforeseen circumstances which have continued to impact on the viability of the event. All tickets sold will of course be refunded via point of purchase. If you have any queries please contact
Hopefully something else can be arranged in the future.
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Printapalooza – Charity Print Raffle



It’s time for another print raffle and this time it’s not one but 42 prints and one unique opportunity to get a sketch from Dave Perillo up for grabs.

As with the other print raffles I’ve done for Holly’s Footprint, it’s open to everyone but is really aimed at the collectors groups on Facebook and Expresso Beans.

You can enter the raffle at from 10 am on 15th October.

The raffle will end at 11.59pm 31st October and the draw will be made on November 1st.


Below is a list of the prints included in the raffle and who kindly donated them to us.

Title / Artist / Contributor

GOLDEN TICKET: Dave Perillo will do a custom sketch of any character from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

1. There Will Be Blood – Aaron Horkey

2. Spirited Away – Olly Moss

3. Howl’s Moving Castle – Olly Moss

4. US To Europe By Air (variant AP with remarque) – Laurent Durieux – Laurent Durieux

5. 80s Monsters – Tom Whalen

6. US To Europe By Air – Laurent Durieux

7. Book Of Eli – Chris Weston

8. Bride Of Frankenstein – Olly Moss – JJM

9. A Life Well Wasted No.7 – Olly Moss – ALWW

10. Book Of Eli #1 – Chris Weston – Kyle Reist

11. Book Of Eli – Chris Weston – Kyle Reist

12. Attack The Block – Tyler Stout – James Parsons

13. Robocop – Todd Slater

14. Paranorman – DKNG – Philip Anderson

15. Zero Dark Thirty – Jock – Philip Anderson

16. Zero Dark Thirty (glow in the dark variant) – Jock – Philip Anderson

17. Dazed and Confused – Chuck Sperry – Philip Anderson

18. Matrix – Craig Drake – Philip Anderson

19. Kaiju – Jeff Proctor – Philip Anderson

20. Death Proof Gold Edition – Matt Dye – Philip Anderson

21. Lord of the Rings x3 – JC Richard – Michael Finnegan

22. Trainspotting – Joe Wilson – 5 Reel Film

23. Oldboy – Matthew Woodson – 5 Reel Film

24. My Robot Friend – Kevin Tong – Joel @ 5 Reel Film

25. Planet of the Apes AP – Martin Ansin – Tobin Faulkner

26. El Topo – Martin Ansin – Tobin Faulkner

27. Double Ghost – Olly Moss – Tobin Faulkner

28. Dark Crystal – Godmachine – Matt McCracken

29. Snow Princess – Blunt Graffix – Matt McCracken

30. Hyde and Go Tweet – Phantom City Creative – Matt McCracken

31. Ten Banthas – Jay Ryan – Matt McCracken

32. 80s Monsters – Tom Whalen – Ben Jillard

33. I Love You. I Know – Joshua Budich

34. The Walking Dead AP 1/1 – Gabz – Hero Complex Gallery

35. Dinobots – Kevin Tong – Brian Kerutis

36. Man Of Steel – Martin Ansin

37. Monster Mash – Jason Edmiston – Jason Edmiston

38. Slimed – Jason Edmiston – Jason Edmiston

39. The Raid AP – Jock – Jock

40. As The Crow Flies – Mike McCarthy – Chris Rose

41. Silence of the Lambs variant – Ken Taylor – Chris Rose

42. D’Atagnion Mother******* – Mike Mitchell – Chris Rose




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Picture quiz reminder.

HF Picture Quiz Sept 2013Morning.

Just a quick reminder that there is one week to go (Saturday 19th October) to get your Holly’s Footprint Family Fun Quiz back to us to be in with a chance of winning £50. So far we haven’t had any completed answer sheets returned so there is everything to play for! 🙂

If you haven’t bought one yet and fancy a last minute dash to get through it, it can be bought online HERE

Thank you.

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Left speechless…

concertWell, I just got back from the concert for Holly at Hope Valley College and I’m kind of wrecked.

I thought it might be a difficult evening but I really wanted to be there because I’m sure that that is what Holly would have wanted too.

It got off to a fitting start with the dance routine that Holly had helped choreograph with the (then) year 7s – and I had just seen the segued music track that I worked on with her for that project this morning in my iTunes folder. Holly was so proud of the work she did there and especially of the t-shirt she was given for doing it, so it was good to see it performed.

All the musical acts were great. There is such a lot of talent at HVC (there always seems to be) and it seems unfair to single any of them out but I do have to say that when Laura Lowe sang the song she wrote for Holly… well, you just floored me girl! It was simply beautiful.

So a massive thank you to all of Holly’s friends, the staff at HVC and all the parents involved in making tonight’s event so special. And beyond that you’ve all managed to raise a lot of money for Holly’s Footprint. We’ll announce that when we get a firm figure.

Thanks again to everyone involved… Holly would have been very proud of every single one of you 🙂

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A little housekeeping

Hi again

Just some advance warning that Holly’s Footprint will be organising a Chilli & Quiz Night (in no way plagiarised from the HVC Curry & Quiz Night) on November 22nd taking place at Hayfield Primary School. It promises to be a fun evening out with some not too difficult questions, cool prizes, good food and possibly a “decent drop of splosh”! So it would be great to see a few of you there with your team of boffins in tow. Details of that will be posted as they are finalised.

We have a good number of unmarked tins, tubs and Tupperware belonging to generous baking benefactors. If you want them back please get in touch and we’ll do our best to reunite them with their owners.

Also the latest batch of hoody and t-shirt orders has arrived. We managed to deliver the one’s that we knew the addresses for this afternoon so if you are waiting for one of them, again get in touch and we’ll sort out delivery arrangements for you. There are a couple of things outstanding from the printer which we should have in the next few days.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.


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Follow Holly’s Footprint on Twitter…

Unknown…if you want to that is… no pressure!

There’s not much to add to this post –  the headline says it all.

Thank you.

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More Music for Holly

concertA group of Holly’s friends from Hope Valley College are organising a concert on Friday 11th October with proceeds going to Holly’s Footprint.  The concert starts at 7pm in the hall at HVC and tickets are just £3.

As you probably know, Hope Valley College has a great reputation for nurturing musical talent, so this promises be a great night out with many gifted musicians playing a wide variety of music with refreshments and raffle during the interval. If you are able to attend this event we’d love to see you there.

To reserve or buy tickets, please contact Nicki Lowe on 07834 014732 or email us –  Thanks very much for your support.

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Live music from the Cavern…

OxjamPoster_08We were contacted a couple of weeks ago by a friend of Holly’s, Ethan Lambert, who is in the band My Second Reflection, about an Oxjam gig they are playing in Castleton with a few other bands.

Oxjam Music Festival takes place every October and is made up of hundreds of events happening all around the UK, all organised by volunteers, raising money for Oxfam. The organisers of the Castleton gig and Oxjam have generously arranged for it to be partly in aid of Holly’s Footprint which is fantastic.

The event will take place in The Devil’s Arse Cavern in Castleton on Friday October 25th. Tickets will be on sale from tomorrow (Monday 30th September) via and are priced at £10 each.

As well as My Second Reflection the other bands appearing will be The Book Club, Ming City Rockers and I Set The Sea On Fire.

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Hayfield Country Show revisited


One week on from the first day of Hayfield Country Show and it still feels exhausting looking back. Exhausting but very satisfying.

We had a very good turnout and the weather could not have been better, both for us and the many thousands of people who visited over the weekend.

Many people have said “well done” directly to Debbie and myself, and we’re thankful for the compliments, but I worked out we had about 30 people directly involved with manning the stall and selling quizzes and raffles around the ground. When you also take into account the huge number of people who baked for us plus the many who came and bought things, it is clear that the weekend was a community effort. And not just Hayfield – a great number of Holly’s friends and their families from Hope Valley took part too.

That collective effort brought in just over £1600 for the two days which is astonishing. Considering that most of the cakes were priced in pence rather than pounds, £2 for face painting, £2 for Quiz Sheets and £1 for the raffles… this is a great achievement for everyone involved. So we thank each and every one of you who helped in whatever way.

And while we’re on the subject of thanks it would seem like a good time to say thank you to Andy Heath, Natalie Lancaster and Nicki Lowe who are the other ‘official’ members of Holly’s Footprint. Without your help and hard work none of this would have been possible so Debbie and I are eternally grateful to you all.


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Monster help for Holly’s Footprint


Another of our internet friends, Justin Cirelli, in Pennsylvania USA is making a great gesture of support for Holly’s Footprint. Justin headed a commission with the popular artist Tom Whalen to produce a limited edition print featuring a host of famous 1980’s movie monsters. The recently completed print includes creatures from Aliens, Friday 13th, Hellraiser, The Thing, Predator, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Clash of the Titans… and, as they say, many more!

Justin is generously auctioning off the #1 of the five printers proofs that he has, with all proceeds going to Holly’s Footprint. The print measures 18 x 24 inches and is hand numbered and signed by Tom Whalen.


We’d like to thank Justin for his support and generosity.

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