What is Holly’s Footprint?

Holly’s Footprint is a fundraising project in memory of  Holly Swainson.
It is run by Holly’s parent’s Debbie and Andrew and a handful of very good friends.

We will be raising money for local causes that Holly would have been keen to support herself.
Where possible (and appropriate) there will be a connection to music or performance of some kind as these were the things Holly loved to do the most.

We just wanted to give an idea of the avenues we are currently exploring with Holly’s Footprint.

As some of you know, just a couple of days after Holly passed away she was due to start her work experience at Park Lane School in Macclesfield. Holly had contacted them because they provide music therapy for their students and it is because of Holly’s love of music and desire to help where she could, that we will be looking to help two local special needs schools through music based projects.

But just before the summer holidays we paid a visit to the nearby Peak School in Chinley, a special needs school, and spoke to the head teacher, Mrs Scowcroft, about possible ways to contribute. Holly had initially contacted Peak School about work placement but because of the severity of some of the disabilities that their students have, they don’t offer work placements to anyone under 16 years of age.

It was an interesting and eye-opening visit. We went over how the school works, the facilities they have and how they use music with their students. Although they don’t currently offer all out music therapy as such, they do have a professional musician coming in three days a week to work with the children. Mrs Scowcroft tells us that it is a really enjoyable and beneficial experience for them – particularly children who maybe find it difficult to work with others as a group – the musical sessions can really help a lot.

We also recently visited Park Lane School to have a look around and to see the students in their end of week assembly. Again it was a valuable and interesting experience and we came away with a great deal to think about in terms of how we can contribute. Initially we will be looking to provide musical instruments and some musical playground equipment. In the future there is also the possibility that we could provide extra musical sessions or even training. So we’ll keep you posted on how we are progressing with these projects.


Peak School, Chinley – http://www.peak.derbyshire.sch.uk

Park Lane School, Macclesfield – http://www.parklane.cheshire.sch.uk