One Direction Raffle – Win a Signed Book


Hi everyone. We have been kindly given a copy of One Direction‘s book that has been ***SIGNED BY THE BAND***. So from now until Christmas Eve we are holding a raffle to win the book. Tickets are £1 per entry and you can enter as many times as you like.

You can enter either at
(if you go via localgiving and are a UK taxpayer – adding GiftAid helps us a lot)

or directly via PayPal using a credit/debit card – just click the donate button below.

Thank you 🙂

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Hayfield School Christmas Fair

Well, it may seem like things have been sort of quiet over the last few weeks but here’s an update of what has been going on.

We deposited the money made at the Chilli and Quiz night with the Disasters Emergency Committee relief fund for the Philippines a few weeks ago. We did it via our own bank account so that Gift Aid could be claimed on the donation – so in total £1277.45 was the final figure for that evening’s fundraising. Thanks again to all those who attended and contributed to the running of it… I think you’ll all agree that it was a worthwhile event that will hopefully help in a small way to get people’s lives back together.


We were back at school this Friday just gone for the PTA’s Christmas Fair. We had several kind people making Christmas cards and “Magic Reindeer Food” for us to sell there and Holly’s Footprint came away with £149. So a big thank you to Marion Taylor and Claire Robb and her girls for all their generous help and encouragement to get on and do it when we thought we might let it slide. The stall was manned for most of the evening by Samuel Soles, Ben Hodgson and Luke Swainson who all did a great job… thank you boys. Later on Holly’s friends took over so thank you to Caity, Ella, Laura, Lois and Robyn 🙂

We need to also thank Hayfield Primary School PTA for their generous help and of course to everyone who came along to the event.


All the cards were hand made in Hayfield for Holly’s Footprint – there are a few left if anyone hasn’t bought their Christmas cards yet… drop us an email –



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Chilli and Quiz Night – Thank You!



Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our Chilli and Quiz Night last night. Once again, the response from the village and our family and friends was overwhelming – the hall was packed. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening – and that the questions weren’t too hard.

So by the very end of the night we managed to raise around £1000 to send to the DEC to help with their efforts for The Philippines.

When Debbie and I heard some of the stories of just how much some people have lost out there it really hit home – and it’s a reminder that, although we are still going through a very tough time ourselves, things could be so, so much worse. We heard one story of a woman who had lost 11 members of her family – I simply cannot fathom how that would feel or indeed how you could hope to ‘recover’ from something like that. So hopefully the money everyone contributed last night will help a few people to start the long process of getting their lives back together.

We need to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped in the kitchen. So much work went into the cooking, preparing and cleaning and of course in setting up the tables and clearing them away again at the end of the night – amazing people. Thank you to Holly’s friends for helping on the door and serving the food. Of course thank you to Phil Chapman for being a superb quiz master and to the staff at Hayfield School for letting us use their facilities. A big thank you to Debbie’s sister, Sarah, and to Monica for loaning us the industrial sized pots and rice cookers as well as donating the rice and the soft drinks for the evening.

We have to say a special thanks to the other people involved with Holly’s Footprint – Natalie Lancaster, Nicki Lowe and Andy Heath. Without your energy, commitment and enthusiasm none of this would be possible… so thank you 🙂

Once again it was quite an emotional night for us. We know that Holly would have loved to have been part of it all.

Cheerio and thanks again to everybody

Now, does anyone in the Hayfield area need any rice?


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Generosity from Buxton Young Farmers



We received a letter in the post yesterday from Buxton Young Farmers letting us know that they had chosen Holly’s Footprint to receive the proceeds of their annual Dinner Dance and Raffle. Along with the letter was a cheque for £237.

We honestly don’t know what to say! Thank you so much to everyone involved in raising this money and donating it to Holly’s Footprint… we are really touched and appreciate your generosity. It will go a long way to helping with our projects at Peak School and Park Lane.

Thank You.

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Holly’s Footprint sending help to The Philippines



In light of the terrible events that have happened in the Philippines in the last few days, all proceeds from Friday’s Chilli and Quiz night will be going to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for help. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been able to watch television reports about the typhoon but from what I’ve heard on the radio, it is clearly a situation where many thousands of people desperately need help. We know for a fact that Holly would have wanted to do something too.

Thank you to everyone who has booked in advance for the Chilli and Quiz night on Friday.

If you are thinking of coming along, it would real help us if you could let us know before hand just so we can make sure we have enough food etc to go around.

Thanks 🙂


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Chilli and Quiz Night – 15th November



Hello everyone

Here is the poster/flyer for our Chilli and Quiz Night that we are holding on Friday 15th November at Hayfield Primary School. It costs £5 per person which includes food and we can have teams of up to 6 players. Kick off is at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. We do have limited space so we’d recommend booking in advance… it will also help us work out how many people to cater for. Give us a call on 01663 749906.

Soft drinks, tea and coffee will be available but should you fell like something a little stronger to fortify your spirits you are welcome to bring along a tipple to two of your own.

It promises to be a fun night out so hopefully we’ll see a lot of you there.

If you feel like spreading the word about this event please click on the image and print off a copy. Thank you.


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Charity Print Raffle – Results


OK so Thursday at midnight saw the end of the Charity Print Raffle that we have been holding over the last few weeks through our localgiving page. The raffle raised an amazing £1950 at £5 a ticket, but with localgiving’s “Grow Your Tenner” campaign the money raised is considerably more. So thank you to everyone who took part – your donations will help greatly our projects with Peak School and Park Lane School – more of which we will hopefully be telling you about over the next few days. I also have to say thank you again to the artists, galleries and collectors from all over the world who have generously donated their prints to be included in the raffle… without your help this would not have been possible.

So it’s time to start announcing the winners. All entries were on individual pieces of paper and placed in an empty goldfish bowl and drawn in order. Holly’s brother, Luke, drew the first one out. So in reverse order here are the winners…

45. Thomas Evans 44. Alex Beacroft 43. Dylan Blair 42. Peter Melford 41. Joshua Pineiro

40. David Fisher 39. Andrew Peirce 38. Alan Campbell 37. Brian Kerutis 36. Joel (affectionately known as Rupert Pupkin)

35. Clayton Hopper 34. Christopher Tang 33. Thomas Evans 32. Robin Gardner 31. Tom Ellis

30. Alex Beacroft 29. Ashley Weidman 28. Joshua Pineiro 27. Ben Murphy 26. Cat Barton

25. Matt Seguin 24. Dan Massett 23. Thomas Evans 22. Jesse Magee 21. Brian Schmidt

20. Jeremy Wockenfuss 19. Rupert McCoy 18. Thomas Evans 17. Jaryd Marsh 16. Laurent Durieux

15. Curtis Dowhaniuk 14. Rupert McCoy 13. Sam O’Donovan-Jones 12. Ben Jillard 11. Stephen Reed

10. Chris Rose 9. David Ford 8. Ben Jillard 7. Mark Ungerer 6. Adrian Crookes

5. Johan Barrander

4. Paul Champion (never heard of him)

3. Derek Drever

2. Ben Jillard (again!)

and the person to get the first pick of the prize pot is…


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Re: cycling



You may remember that one of the first things that happened for Holly’s Footprint back in August was the mammoth bike ride that Tom Grantham and his father, Andrew, undertook. The journey took them from their home in Chinley to Bamburgh in Northumberland – a distance of something in the region of 350 miles.

At the time we weren’t set up for organising sponsorship or donations so we had to leave Tom to his own devices on how best to use the bike ride to raise money.

We had a visit from Tom and his Mum a few days ago and they handed over a cheque for £550. So we thank the Grantham family for their generosity and kindness in doing this for us – and also to everyone who sponsored them. What you have achieved is amazing we are all so proud of you. Thank you.

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Picture Quiz: And the winner is…

HF Picture Quiz Sept 2013

So we’ve totted up the scores and we have a winner of the Picture Quiz and they are…

Mr Gary Wood of New Mills

Gary scored a whopping 97 correct answers. It was a close run thing – the next highest score was 95. So congratulations to Gary your prize of £50 will be in the post (in the SAE that you so kindly provided).

We also awarded a prize of £5 to the first person to return their quiz sheet and that went to Harry Bloor of Hayfield.

A couple of people asked for their scores and the answers and sent in an SAE but if you want to know your score you can e-mail us at and we’ll let you know.

Thanks again to all the people who took part in the quiz, we hope you had as much fun doing it as we did making it.

If you’d like some more quiz action, you may be interested to know that Holly’s Footprint will be hosting a Quiz and Chilli Night at Hayfield Primary School on Friday 15th November. If you’d like to enter a team (max 6 members) let us know by emailing or giving us a call on 01663 749906.

Thank you.

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Picture Quiz Answers

Thank you so much to everyone who bought one of our picture quizzes either online, at the Hayfield Show or in one of the fine establishments around the village. We sold somewhere in the region of 400 which is incredible. We had a lot of kind comments from people saying they’d enjoyed it and lots of people saying it was too hard… however only 27 people were ‘brave’ enough to return them. Curiously nearly everyone got all the alcohol related pictures… make of that what you will!

We do have a winner who did incredibly well but first here are the answers… eyes down for a full house!

1. Taj Mahal

2. Old Apple logo

3. Tom & Jerry

4. Darth Vader

5. Jeremy Clarkson

6. Hellboy

7. Mr Tickle

8. Iron Man

9. Trevi Fountain, Rome

10. Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival

11. Stella Artois

12. C-3PO

13. Madonna

14. Now a controversial one… not the River Thames, not Eastenders but the London Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony… sorry 😉

15. Micky Mouse

16. Marathon Bar (now known as Snickers of course)

17. Facebook

18. Psy – Gangnam Style

19. Robocop

20. Playstation logo

21. Starship Enterprise (TV version)

22. Peter Capaldi

23. The Incredibles

24. Sputnik

25. Jaws

26. Po from Teletubbies

27. The Hulk

28. Florence from The Magic Roundabout

29. KFC (Colonel Sanders)

30. Robbie The Robot

31. ArcelorMittal Orbit (Olympic Park)

32. Mars Bar (now known as Mars Bar of course)

33. Sydney Opera House

34. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time

35. Bag End (anyone who mentioned Hobbit or any of the occupants was marked correct!)

36. Adele

37. The Early Learning Centre

38. Mount Rushmore (Thomas Jefferson to be precise)

39. Help For Heroes logo

40. Mo Farrah

41. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

42. Battersea Power Station (but I liked the ones who said it was Swizzles chimney)

43. Hartley Hare from Pipkins

44. Arwen from Lord of the Rings (Liv Tyler)

45. Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

46. Pringles

47. Gumball (I don’t know either!)

48. Center Parcs

49. Park Guell, Barcelona


51. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

52. One World Trade Centre

53. Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

54. Disc from the Voyager space probe

55. Dougal from The Magic Roundabout

56. Hollister

57. Dalek (some nerds added that it was the Dalek Supreme)

58. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

59. Thunderbird 2

60. TIE Fighter from Star Wars

61. Dan Dare

62. Bleep and Booster (used to appear in stories told on Blue Peter in the 60s & 70s)

63. Dr Zoidberg from Futurama

64. Church of St. Mary’s and All Saints, Chesterfield (the one with the crooked spire)

65. FIFA

66. Andy Murray

67. Cathedral of the Peak, Tideswell

68. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

69. Humpty from Play School

70. Captain Scarlett

71. Versace logo

72. Colonel Mustard from Cluedo (seemed to fox nearly everyone this one)

73. Evian logo

74. Cyberman (from the first time they appeared on Doctor Who)

75. The Trafford Centre

76. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

77. King Kong

78. Boba Fett

79. Pingu

80. Gromit

81. Harley Davidson logo

82. Empire State Building

83. Go To Jail (Monopoly)

84. Hogwarts coat of arms

85. Jeremy Paxman

86. Usain Bolt

87. Scarlett Johansson

88. Angry Birds

89. Wenlock (Olympic Mascot)

90. Adidas logo

91. Motorola logo

92. Jessica Ennis (NOT Davina McCall as all but 2 people put)

93. Bacardi logo

94. Marilyn Monroe

95. John Simm (in The Village)

96. Astronomical Clock, Prague

97. Radio City Tower, Liverpool

98. The Stig

99. JayZ (I only just noticed this was ’99’!)

100. Domo-kun

So there you go. Thanks again for taking part and your support. Hope all the head scratching and in some cases head banging was worth it.

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